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Roads too

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There is only one thing worse than being Gosho, and that is not being Gosho

No matter how many roads you build, the amount of traffic expands to jam them up, and no matter how bad the jams get, everyone thinks that building more roads is the answer, and everyone stuck in the traffic jams is thinking exactly the same thing - "If only it weren't for all those other drivers, I wouldn't be stuck in this bloody traffic jam!"

Roads too

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This is not in the slightest bit relevent but: I was in Wimbledon on Saturday, and a guy standing next to me at a pedestrian crossing decided to spit in the gutter. Not very pleasant - but, the interesting thing was that a woman in a very large BMW, which was sitting in a traffic jam on the road, rolled down her window and gave the fellow a telling off. Now, I know that spitting is really rather rude - but does it really do quite as much damage to the planet as sitting in a traffic jam in a large BMW with the engine running? I was in a bit of a hurry, so was unable to discuss this with the lady in question.

Excellent article. The 'level of incompetance' idea is a favourite of mine, and every time I change employment I have a period of panic that my level has been reached and I really can't do the job. Then I realise that my colleagues can't either and relax a bit. As long as you're only as useless as everyone else, you're safe.

Roads too

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beautiful point, dan ...

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Roads too

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