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Rod, Keeper of Pointless and/or funny discussions or statements

I could be very mistaken here, but I believe that in Suriname(small country in South America) they speak dutch as well(it being an oficial language there, in that sense), and that they tke part in the Dutch Language Union (or whatever it is called in english)and that therefore they should be mentioned here.


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Hapi - Hippo #5

You're not mistaken, although I am not a spacialist on Surinam or Surinam languages, Dutch is (still) an official language. Note however that the most common language is Sranang Tongo (=Surinam Language). Maybe native Sranang researchers (no.. I don't know any) can go into more detail.


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Rod, Keeper of Pointless and/or funny discussions or statements

I already had a feeling that dutch wouldn't be the main language in suriname smiley - smiley, but my comment was more a statement that suriname should be mentioned in the article as a country were it is spoken. After all, in belgium there are also tree official languages(the other being french and german...)
But thanks for confirming my idee smiley - cheerup



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Mark Rogers

I must admit to being surprised when we found the part of Belgium where German is the main language - we just didn't know it existed!


surinaams / suid afrikans

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CptAjb - Moving stranger, does it really matter? As long as you're not afraid to feel

Not too long ago the suriname language (the dutch version, not the non-dutch version srana tongo -it was that wasn't it?-) has been added to 'het groene boekje'(the green booklet - the official guide of the dutch language) and therefor /has/ to be mentioned in the description of dutch. You could also mention that the 'white' south afrikan people also speak a language not too different from dutch.

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