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Translation of 'Untill here' is wrong

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Right at the top of the page on Akko, where the two posible sources of the name of the city are discussed, the first if mentioned as the translation from Hebrew of 'Until here'.
The translation is incorrect, 'until here' translates as 'Ahd Poh', with a P not a K.
As someone who went through a Hebrew speaking school in Israel, I have to say ive never heared of the word Koh smiley - tongueout
Even in the Hebrew bible, the word is Poh ('here').

Just thought I would mention this smiley - ok

Translation of 'Untill here' is wrong

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For what it's worth:

"ad ko" is actually a pretty common expression in written or formal Hebrew. You could have said "ad ko lo shamati al hamila 'ko' " smiley - smiley

Translation of 'Untill here' is wrong

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Cheer, tilian. It's always intersting to hear different people's opinions. smiley - ok

Welcome to h2g2, by the way.

smiley - fairy

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Translation of 'Untill here' is wrong

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