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Egg Competitions

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Frankie Roberto

In Malpas, Cornwall, UK, there is an Easter Regatta every year, in which there are several egg-related games, which have no become traditional..

The first is the Egg-throwing competition. Unlike the ones mentioned in the Entry, this competition is based around the idea that you must successfull throw and catch a (raw) egg from one partner to another over the longest distance. Metre marks are painted onto the road, so that the throw can be measured. Couples decide which marker to start on, and can move progressively further back if they throw successfully (obviously a good tactic is to start far enough back to get the record). There is a prize given to the longest successful throw, but the main fun of the competition comes from getting raw egg on your hands when you don't catch it properly..

The second game is more of a egg-themed tombola.. You buy eggs from the stallholder and throw them at a board. If you get a lucky 'coloured yolk' (some of the eggs are injected with die), you win a prize. Here again the appeal is mostly in just smashing a few eggs..

Egg Competitions

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Joe Bowers

The egg throwing described in the above conversation
post (as opposed to the egg throwing described in the
guide entry proper) is also a popular easter children's
game throughout the US. (In the interests of cleanliness
it is often played with water balloons instead of eggs-
you still have to throw and catch as gently as possible
but you don't have to wash egg yolk out of your shirt
afterward smiley - smiley)

Egg Competitions

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Frankie Roberto

Oh, that's all part of the fun! smiley - smiley

They had another game one year which was a bit like Russian Roulette, but with eggs. The competition was a knockout, with each game you win bringing you closer to the final. You played against another player, sitting down around a table. A box of eggs (six) was presented. 5 of the eggs were raw, but one was hard-boiled. You took it in turns to select an egg and smash it against the other person's head. If it was raw, they just got an eggy head and you carried on. If it was the hardboiled one though, you lose the game and the other person goes through to the next round.

It was a particulary messy game, and a bit of a waste of eggs, but egg yolk really does make your hair shine!

You have to be careful when playing this game to cook the hardboiled eggs right so they don't look paler than the other eggs.

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