A Conversation for Chocolate Easter Eggs


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Martin Harper

... throwing eggs at John Prescott is particularly dangerous, as he seems to have a tendency to 'defend himself'... > "There have been festivals to celebrate the arrival of spring in Northern Europe for centuries. The arrival of Christianity in the first millennium AD heralded the integration of these festivals into one celebration called Easter in order to appease the newly converted." For an alternative viewpoint on this possibly questionable assertion, check out the following thread attached to a recent entry on Wicca: http://www.bbc.co.uk/h2g2/guide/F65048?thread=111984 On a more frivolous note, discount easter eggs after the date has passed rock! Cheap ! :-D


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Dancing Ermine

I am aware that the date of Easter has always been pretty fixed (as in closely associated with the Jewish passover), but my point was that the traditions and symbolisms of the pre-christian festivals/holy-days were integrated into the celebration in order to appease some of the more reluctant converts.

I am fairly certain that the bible does not actually mention eggs and bunny rabbits at any time relating to the exectution and rising from the dead of Jesus. It's a fairly sure bet that these traditions came from alternative sourcessmiley - winkeye

Perhaps it could have been better phrased...smiley - smiley

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