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If only we'd known!

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Cheerful Dragon

My father died of a stroke 8 years ago. He'd had 2 or 3 minor strokes with no lasting effects but, at that time, medical advice in the UK was simply to 'take things easy'. Now doctors look more closely at a stroke victim's lifestyle, habits and general condition.

Some time ago I saw a list of the top 10 contributary factors for strokes. I was immediately able to spot 3 that my father had (or had had), 2 of which (TIAs and smoking) were in the top 3. Maybe if we'd known the risks we might have been able to encourage him to live a healthier life. On the other hand, knowing my dad, perhaps not!

If only we'd known!

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I'm so sorry to hear about your father. It's all those little risk factors adding up over time that no one tends to take seriously, but that make all the difference. Until it's too late. smiley - sadface

That's the sad part, isn't it? My father was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 18... he went on to do lots of smoking, drinking, eating and stressing. He gained weight, didn't exercise and continued to stress. I joke with him that if it weren't for that hearty German stock he comes from he'd have kicked it ages ago. The thing is, and this makes sense to me not him, if you have diabetes which comes along with any number of secondary illnesses (infection, kidney failure, ect. ect.) why aggrivate the situation by living that lifestyle? I think he started to get it after the triple bypass... the third stroke (after which he lost his sight completely) hit it home. I hope.

I'll continue to try to get him to take better care of himself, but I fear it's too little too late. Not that I'm one to talk... everyone in my family older than myself has currently or has died from cardiovascular illness. I smoke like a chimney. I need to stop that.

If only we'd known!

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sorry to hear about your dad.But the most ten factors,doesn't really mean much if its in family members oh yes we can prevent it or try but it will happen.My brother age 38 had a brain bleed he died.then i took a big stroke had brain surgry i was told it was a fluke nothing to do with smoking or life style just one of these things.Then my younger brother had a stroke age 35 probley his lifestyle caused that.
But in all serouseness if we were to cut out everything thats bad for us,we' be eating very little i say enjoy life and live it like its your last day.
even kids are taking strokes it is time more was looked into other causes apart from the obvoiuse ones.

I to still smoke and try and eat healther i don't drink

If only we'd known!

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Cheerful Dragon

I take your point about family history, but there's no history of strokes in my dad's family. So his stroke probably was down to health and lifestyle factors.

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