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The Britsh viewpoint

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Hello! I'm glad there is someone here who has written about sign language. I feel that the Deaf community is often overlooked.

I use British Sign Language,(BSL) and I am pleased to say that that is now a recognised official language of the UK. Even so, many of the myths you discussed in your entry persist, and there is also a feeling that the Deaf are somehow slow or stupid. The expresssion "Deaf and Dumb" carries a double meaning even in this country.

Unfortunatly, the idea that the deaf are stupid is a bit self-fulfilling. Deaf children in the past were not given the same opportunites in education as hearing children, so that many Deaf adults now have poor reading, writing and arithmatic skills. That, combined with the fact that their speech is often slurred, sometimes to the point of being just groans, makes many hearing people conclude that the Deaf are mentally sub-normal. Until this prejudice is overcome, Deaf children will continue to recieve a second-rate education and be denied oppertunities to better themselves.

I'm trying to put together an article on BSL and the oganisations available which teach BSL and/or Deaf Awareness. I'd like to reference your article if I may, and I would appriciate any help and/or feedback from anyone.


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The Britsh viewpoint

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Hi cogs,

i think sign language is really quite underrated, in this age of information and communication non verbal means of communication are becoming really important they should teach sign langauge to everyone!

is learning sign language harder than learning a normal foreign language?? is it possible to teach urself sign language?

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The Britsh viewpoint

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Being a sign language student I'd say it's not easier or more difficult than learning languages in general. Except for the lack of an adequate dictionary... Learning it is rather fun, and as with all languages you learn so much better and faster talking with people who has sign language as their first language.

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The Britsh viewpoint

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it can imagine it is pretty fun

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