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SA English is well

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Wrinkled Rocker

Colloquial South African English (and now appearing in the Concise Oxford Dictionary of South African English - moderators please note) has a very useful word, with a spectrum of meanings all the way from 'well', 'erm', 'umm', all the way to 'I really dont know what to say to you - can we change the subject?' smiley - erm

The word is a combination of the Afrikaans expression 'Ja-nee' (pr. 'yar-near' and meaning literally 'yes-no') a sort of 'amen' and the words 'well' and 'fine'. Put them all together and you have 'Janowellfine' (pr. yar-no-well-fine) and any South African will understand your meaning under the circumstances...! smiley - biggrin

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SA English is well

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