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how to help parents?

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my mum is nearing 60 (not that old really) and me and my sister both think she is having problems adjusting - does anyone have any advice on how to help? for example, she has heaps of health problems but they seem to be just par for the course when you're aging, but she doesn't seem to be accepting that - she is working, supposedly part time, but she works far more than is necessary and has a very stressful job



how to help parents?

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I would also be interested in advice. My mother is also close to 60, but she is still working, still going along fairly well - she recently stopped smoking because of lung problems, and she still has great difficulty breathing. She's also getting overweight because now that she doesn't smoke she eats lots of candy. I am trying to encourage her to exercise, I have managed to persuade her to get a gym membership and when her lungs aren't too bad she goes there and does some walking, cycling and circuit training - if I can get her to go regularly I am quite certain that her health will improve a lot, she will lose a lot of weight and her lungs will be better. But it's difficult while she is still sick most of the time. I am also encouraging her to be more active socially, and when I talk to her I don't talk about bad things, I talk about things she likes, I don't want to depress her, I want her to be excited and enthusiastic about things. What I think will help my mother a lot as well is if I and my sister are OK, if we do nice things and live happy lives, because then at least she doesn't worry about us!

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