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Ugly buildings

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Hairy Dolan

The ugliest building in Durham is without a doubt the student union building. Unfortunately it is probably the only one that will survive nuclear bombardment.

Ugly buildings

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Yeliab {h2g2as}

Allways the way, allways the way.

Ugly buildings

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Apparently Ove Arup designed it himself and apparently it was one of his favorites. And don't forget the footbridge which won the concrete society award.

I actually think the union is ok, it fits into what is actually a quite difficult plot of land quite well providing a lot of very functional space inside.

I must make a trip back up there it's been a while.

MrsCloud MEng (dunelm)

Ugly buildings

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Ah yes...the DSU building. Or rather, 'the ugly grey concrete block'. Better looking from the inside in my opinion. There are those who would campaign to have it demolished- may have been on TV once? I believe those who work there find it difficult to get around in? (don't quote me on that). But to me, I have no problems with it; I use the shop a fair bit, have been there for the odd breakdancing class, been in the cafe and the bar (not often tho')...

And the bridge (FYO, Kingsgate bridge)- winner of the Mature Concrete Structures Award 1993 no less. And one of my preferred routes into town.

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