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Yeliab {h2g2as}

I don't but I know that Joanna (princess of darkness) is studying at the university there.

Ilike the city, lovely and dark and mysterious. And the cathedral on top of the hil bit is marvelous.

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Snaggletooth the Werewolf

Sounds like the old place hasn't changed much in the years since I worked there!

(In the concrete monstrosity, but I was not a civil servant.)

I'd forgotten the Dun Cow, one of our (me and the peeps I earned a crust with) regular watering holes.

Ah happy memories. Of standing for hours at the station trying to get my breath back and wondering if the train would be cancelled smiley - smiley.

You forgot to mention Stanton's fish & chips!

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Researcher 173229

I'm a bit puzzled to see the university described as "campus-based", particularly after spending three years living at Chad's in North Bailey. One thing the university is not is campus-based. Its buildings are dotted around the whole city. Perhaps it should have read "college-based".

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I'm in Durham at the moment, and - rather unseasonably - the sun is shining and the weather is *warm*. I need a lie down. I feel queer. Anyhow, I'm shocked that there are so many Durham people about. I'm orf...


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Researcher 209545

I am a party animal, I am hyperactive. I do love the mountains, gloomy days, but not for too long. I might be joining University of Durham for Masters. Do you have any important feedback about Durham city that can alter my attitudes towards this place? I am kind of feeling that I won't survive there. Not for a person like me. Please, am anxious to know.

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I think you can class the whole city as the campus, I mean pretty much all the buildings in the centre are owned either by the uni or the church

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Ramya Krishna Mulugu

Isn't that odd! This Durham seems to have a lot of resemblance to the Durham I live in, which is in North Carolina. Only the closest thing to an actual cathedral is the Duke Chapel, and the university is Duke too. We're nearly twinssmiley - hug

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