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An excellent and interesting article and I realise that you could not have included every aspect of the catholic doctrine in a short piece such as this. However I thought you would have included the catholic attitude to homosexuality. On your personal page you define yourself as a lesbian, how do you reconcile this with your catholic beliefs ?

An omission

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Inanna has a theory - it could be bunnies.

Well, my main reason for omitting is was that I wanted to focus on the essential 'core' aspects of Catholicism - and I didn't feel that its teaching on homosexuality fell into that category.

I wrote a brief response to someone else who asked me that question - if you look on my personal space, for the forum, you can read what I wrote there.

It might be worth another entry - on being Gay and Christian in general, and perhaps on Catholicism in particular.

An omission

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Mardi Gra

Where is M2M2? http://www.bbc.co.uk/h2g2/guide/A541144

If anyone is interested in researching an entry about homosexuality and religion, please come to my entry (above) and say whether you tink there should be a future for M2M2. Cheers! smiley - smooch

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