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Bright Blue Shorts

I seem to remember reading a few years ago that the film contains four birthdays or birth days.

- one is Dave's daughter
- another is HAL talking about his own birth.
- there is the birth of the star-child.

What's the significance of these?


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Alcoholicrunnerman(now reformed)

Perhaps the other birth day is that of mankind after the apes dicover the first monolith? And all along I thought they'd used real apes, the film will never look the same again!!


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And Frank Poole also celebrates his birthday whilst in space.
The film can be seen to be about Evolution; birth and rebirth are very symbolic of that, as are the themes of development and a journey from Earth to Jupiter. Life, after all, is an odyssey, and birth is the start of every journey.

I'm going to shut up before I sound too pompous smiley - winkeye
(Too late!)


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