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Mr Wilberforce

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Ahhh, this one brings back fond memories of my childhood.
I was in first or second grade when I watched this but forgot much of it over the years. When I read about the Atomic Thunderbuster it rang a bell - I remember it was Mickey's favourite treat.
One thing I am certain of is that the father, Mr Wilberforce was not played by Anton Rodgers, but another bloke very similar in appearance.
Ever since a young age, I've always made a mental note of actors that left an impression on me. In Metal Mickey, my favourite player was the character actor Michael Stainton, who was the gent who played our frustrated father.

Mr Wilberforce

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The Apprentice

This has been highlighted by someone else... and is appreciated again. My memory is a poorly thing sometimes... and this was my slip of the moment. I'm sure when the entry is updated in the future, this little detail can be corrected.


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The Apprentice
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Mr Wilberforce

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Smij - Formerly Jimster

Best place for corrections is the Editorial feedback page, which can be accessed via the Feedback link in the menu bar. I only stumbled across this because I was actually looking for info on Metal Mickey.

I hear there's a pilot for a new series in the offing. Eek!

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