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The robot scared me

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Researcher 33337

I remember this, and remember being utterly terrified of the robot as well. That and teh MGM lion were my two childhood terrors.

The robot scared me

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Mippy Mouse

Glad I'm not the only one with smiley - weirdchildhood terrors. Metal Mickey didn't bother me neither did the lion but the UgglieWugglie from the series The Enchanted Castle, Sapphire and Steel and the Muppets did. And The Statue of Liberty is out to get me, honest! Now thats an embarresing thing to realise when your about to get on the Staten Island ferry! smiley - blushsmiley - silly

The robot scared me

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Researcher 33337

Actually, teh muppets scared one of my sisters, something sinister, perhaps. Sum Dum Duuuum

Saphire and steel scared everyone.

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