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Mickey Dolenz

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I'm not admitting to watching the show.....
But didn't Mickey Dolenz make the occasional guest appearance?

My own children refused to watch it at all, which seems to go along with the points that you make.

Mickey Dolenz

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I think you're correct but wouldn't swear to it. Apart from Anton, Irene and Mickey (Dolenz), what happened to the rest of the cast?

Mickey Dolenz

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Researcher 172055


Not to be pedantic (but strictly in the interests of accuracy), it wasn't Anton Rodgers that played Father (careful, he may sue!), but a similar-looking chap called Michael Stainton. Georgina Melville played Mother, and I could swear I last saw her pushing a tea-trolley in a Mullerice advert...

Dolenz, as far as I'm aware is still a producer - though the last kiddie thing I saw with his name attached was a show called 'Luna', starring Rula Lenska. Been a bit quiet since then!

Mickey Dolenz

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Researcher 172055

Not content with correcting others, now I'm going to back-pedal myself!

Luna didn't star Rula Lenska, I was thinking of another show called Kappatoo. Luna did however star a young Patsy Kensit! Sorry 'bout that guys!

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