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Small flaw in the 'Seasons experiment' (A526673)

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There's a small flaw in the otherwise exellent entry "Why the Earth has Seasons" (A526673), but I don't knw whether this is the right place to report it?

The flaw is this: In 'Experiment Three' it says: "...tilt the pole of your sphere by about 45°", but misses the important addition: "either away from or towards the light source". Because tilting the sphere (exactly) perpendicularly to the direction of the light will fail the experimentsmiley - sadface


PS: With a little luck I'll do an article on a very interesting - and related - topic that I've dreamt about doing for years this Winter. So do call again in this section within a couple of months. (Hint: it has to do with when the Sun rises and sets. No problem there? - You'd be surprisedsmiley - smiley

Small flaw in the 'Seasons experiment' (A526673)

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Danny B

A little late, but this correction has now been made!

smiley - cheers

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Small flaw in the 'Seasons experiment' (A526673)

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