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I'm not a contact lens wearer but what I do know is that many people have problems removing their contact lenses....many tantrums and tears at the end of the day!

There are many ways people say that you should remove your contact lenses....these include squeezing the eye lid so it pops out, standing on one leg and looking north (that was a joke) but some of the suggestions are bizarre, don't work and could be dangerous.

I think about 6%+ have a problem removing there contact lenses and many people wont even try contact lenses because they don't like the idea of getting them out due to a number of reasons such as long finger nails, rough fingers, big fingers, an aversion to touching the eye and so on...this is a real shame so I thought it best to let people know about www.contact2.com where they offer a super little device that really will help and has helped so many in the past. Contact2 is the worlds most advanced soft contact lens removal system...it's cheap and very high quality and does just what it says on the tin. I don't mean to advertise but most forum/ help pages/ discussion sites are here to help people and thats what my little item is about.

I really hope that this little bit of information helps those that need it....Good Luck....Paul

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Soft Contact Lens Removal

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