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The Indian history has been distorted in ways no one can imagine. The barbaric muslim invasions from the middle east that had massacred thousands of hindus is the biggest cover up in the world history. How big? It is bigger than the annihilation of jews by germans. These invasions led to the destruction of several cultural wonders of india. One among them is the TEJO MAHALAYA. It was a beautiful temple with silver doors, golden lining and precious stones studded in its walls. It had beautiful paintings and scriptures on its walls . The so called taj mahal is just a remodelling of the tejo mahalaya. There is more than enough evidence supporting this. Tejo mahalaya was not just a temple palace but also an architectural wonder and a cultural centre. It was turned into a meaningless tomb by shahjahan. The love story of shahjahan and mumtaz is just a false tale. If he was so in love with her then why did he have 5000 women in his harem. He even had an immoral relationship with his daughter jahanara. He justified it by saying that it was his right to taste the fruit he planted. The study by the famous historian p.n.oak gives enough evidence supporting the tejo mahalaya. The Indian government has sealed many rooms in the taj which have the hindu temple statues and hindu articles of worship. Join the online movement supporting an international investigation of the taj.

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