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taj versus tejo

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as the controversy surrounding taj alias tejo begins to get deep and deep the time has come to really look into the facts and forget about the baseless arguments surrounding it. the taj mahal as we have read in our history books has been built by shah jahan as a token of love for his wife. but one thing remains for sure- shah jahan discovered the love for his wife only when she died after giving birth to one of their children. Where was his love before mumtaz's death. moreover he had killed and chpped off the hands of the craftsman who designed and built the taj. but still taj enjoys a formidable place among monuments(Read: it was declared first among the modern ancient wonders of the world recently in a poll conducted across the world.)

But Oak's findings or papers also don't seem baseless as they also have a bite of reality into them: these are confirmed by the references of european and foreign visitors as well as the remains of the hindu god shiva.

So the time has come to unveil the controversy surrounding taj and for this, the indian government should initiate steps like appointing a team of neutral competent archaelogists and historians and try to open the doors and corridors of [email protected] in order to confirm what's going on.

This wont be a easy task for the indian govt. becoz india is a country inhabited by major religions like hindus and muslims and no religion would be ready to compromise their grounds.

But the truth has to come out. and people of any religion should not take the matter personally. it is not an attempt to insult or hurt any religion as because the taj will remain taj and tejo will come to be known as tejo except for the fact that history students will have a little more to study for their history lessons.


taj versus tejo

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Swapnil Narendra

Nice try there ....
But how much do u believe in the fact that its really gonna work or its really gonna initiate....Do u think a person like MAYAWATI(the CM of the state) wud have time for such un-important(for her at least) topics, yes of course u can get this thing started if u have a political background and these days if u can call a PRESS CONFERENCE and let the media(specially INDIA TV, they ll create a special program on this one and ll repeat that 5 times a day with a title like 'TAJ KI SACCHAII' or 'KYA YAHI TAJ HAI' or 'TAJ KI HAQIQAT'...something like that).
Well the bottom line is that you just cant get it done until you get the administrative power in your hands.
The politicians here just worry about their vote banks and their money bank.

It is a nice idea though to check whats the real thing..appreciated but not practical.


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