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Oak needs a Psychiatrist

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PN Oak was a very well known journalist of The Statesman newspaper from Calcutta and then he has joined Indian Ministry of Information & Broadcasting and later the Voice of America. He was not a madcap.

Look at the photographic evidences produced by Stephen Knap.

Why the Archaeological Survey of India does not open the closed rooms, there are hundreds of these in the Taj Mahal complex?
why is there no research at all,only denial and supressions of the truth.

Why are the Government and the Muslims afraid of?

Is it not a conspiracy?

Oak needs a Psychiatrist

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Dear Idiot,

You must know few facts about your own religion before commenting on others ! how many women were murdered by the church in medieval period - popularly known as the witch hunt.

Throughout history, tyrants have had their name, their own belief and their way of rule imposed on captured countries and kingdoms. Every country / race of people have their time in history. The cycle never stops. India had universities when the west was a total barbaric land.
For past few hundred years, west has progressed and east has looked up to them.
(your answer to slums).
Dont worry, few more centuries and it will again be a different scenario. Treating one person depends on an individual. The debate will not end.(your answer to slums).
As far as TEJO MAHAL Is concerned, hundreds of them exists not just in India , but in the whole world, though with various sites and names.

CNN AND AMERICA - Total idiots existed and are still existing. They didn't know the world existed besides America till 10 years back.

first do your research properly and then comment.

Oak needs a Psychiatrist

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The study by R Balasubramaniam of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, has for the first time shown that the unit of length called "angulam" -- mentioned in Kautilya's treatise "Arthasastra" dated 300 BC -- was used without a break by Indian builders for over 3,900 years until the British imposed their units in the 18th century.

The ancient "angulam" has been found to be equal to 1.763 modern centimetres, according to Balasubramaniam, a professor of materials and metallurgical engineering. He has carried out dimensional analysis of some of India's historical structures, built during different times, to identify the measuring units used in their engineering plans.

He says he was surprised that "angulam" and its multiples "vitasti" (12 angulams) and "dhanus" (108 angulams) have been used as the unit of measurement right from the Harappan times till the pre-modern era when the Taj was built.

Balasubramaniam, who last year studied the dimensions of the 1,600-year-old Delhi Iron Pillar at the Qutub Minar complex, found that "angulam" and its multiple "dhanus" were used as the basic units of length in its design.

For example, the total height of the pillar is exactly 4 "dhanus", Balasubramaniam told IANS.

And now in a paper published in Current Science, Balasubramaniam has shown that the modular plan of the Taj Mahal complex is based on use of grids of sides measuring 60 and 90 "vitasti".

He says the study has established that the design and architecture of the Taj is based on traditional Indian units codified in "Arthasastra" and that "there is nothing foreign" in its design and predates the Islamic invasion of India, the Taj Mahal is built on Vedic building codes.

Oak needs a Psychiatrist

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Why are you worried so much? Why should Hindus & Muslims fight over history? They shouldn't. We do this because we had not yet become one organic entity called 'India' or 'Hindustan' or 'Bharat'. Who is to blame for this? Our constant fear that something may go wrong actually makes it happen. People may not be interested in riots but when Government itself instigates by saying some community get hurt makes them feel hurt on an event. Just say you are Indians, forget whatever happened in history and don't be afraid of your true history. Study it objectively, accept it and gain experience from it. This constant fear is not going you take anywhere.

In your post you are again dividing history between Hindus & Muslims, why? Why do you go out of your way to prove muslims were good rulers but hindus were tyrant? History won't change by this ostrich like attitude. You are pushing problems more deeper inside so they will come out more strongly in future. Face the history objectively, accept it and just move on.

And I am not proud being a fearful Hindu who thinks India is a nation of different communities who should be forced to live together out of fake goodness & hidden fear. Rather I am an objective Indian who is brave enough to accept the history and move on.

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