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Taj Mahal: The other story " Vedic Temple"

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I came across on website of Stephen Knapp on Taj Mahal who basically references Late Prof. P.N.Oak. Since then I have read his book and I am convinced that Taj Mahal is a vedic temple of Shiva. Stephen Knapp has an excellent site
http://www.stephen-knapp.com/was_the_taj_mahal_a_vedic_temple.htm that gives basic proof for layperson to follow.
Those who are inclined to read further Prof.P.N. Oak's book is recommended. His style of writting shows anger towards Moghul emperors in India and towards the status quo for not getting history right. But,after contemplating his ideas and his references researched I came with an opinion that our current history is wrong about Taj Mahal and his book may appeal to serious archaeologist, architects and historians among you.
There is a very interesting recent research account paper in Current Science by Prof. R. Balasubramanium "New Insight on modular planning of the Taj Mahal" see site: http://www.ias.ac.in/currsci/jul102009/42.pdf that shows that Taj Mahal was built based on planning Sanskrit units that built ancient places like mohenjo-daro and harappa, Lothal, famous Ashoka's Iron pillar in New Delhi and many ancient structures and temples.This recent article emboldens Prof.P.N.Oaks thoery about Taj Mahal. This shows continuity of ancient civilization for at least 4000 years with with perhaps Taj Mahal-the greatest wonder of the world as their very last project. Even greater wonder is who were the real builders and architects. There are so many chambers and halls locked up at Taj Mahal that no one has been able to see inside since Moghul king ordered it closed in 1632 A.D. You may ask now the same question as Prof.P.N. Oak had:- Why current Government of India not investigate their archaeological treasures?. Am I left to beleive that Ghosts of Moghul kings still rule India?. smiley - tea

Taj Mahal: The other story " Vedic Temple"

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The word "Tejo" is still used in Sinhala/Pali language (means god) in Sri lanka. The English word "Greater/Big School" in Tamil in Sri Lanka is "Maha-Vidy-alayam". Vidya means Education. Therefore "Tejo Mahalaya" means "BIG PLACE OF WORSHIP TO GOD". Moreover, Sinhalese and Tamils in Sri Lanka know that Sinhala/Pali "Tejo" means the Tamil "Teivam". Tamil Teivam means God.


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