A Conversation for The Controversy Surrounding the Origins of the Taj Mahal

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Hey sunk,

Iam a hindu myself. the debate here is purely historical...not religious..communal or watever..

Dont go crawling all over muslims saying they spread hatred. You were no less too in your message...you were doing the same thing which u accuse them of. Its pple like you who have created so much of communal hatred in the country..and things done hundreds of years ago by our ancestors are being used now to point fingers at each other....The muslim rulers..although watever injustice was done (which we are not responsible for), they have brought with them a lot of cultural richness..India is india cos of all the mixed culture that exists in our country...and again...that wasnt brought about only by 'hindus'. Its a cocktail of cultures, religion...etc. that brought about so much of cultural heritage in our country. Lets not use the past, done hundreds of years ago, to feed your own ego against another religion which has co-existed with your own for thousands of years..

good luck

What can we do

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Hi All,
as I mentioned months ago, there is no point is fussing over what has happened. we better concentrate on our future workings n only that will determine speed of growth of our country. every one in our country knows that we are rich in our cultural diversity n according to our constitution as well we are NOT a HINDU nation. then y shld we show our hatredness to a specific community on the assumption that they will outnumber us in future. which statistic says that this can happen even in far future? my earlier post was to emphasize that present generation shld channelize their energy to upgrade India, not to create an environment where the progress dives nose down. guyz/gals just think over these points before posting; 'cz our thinking will drive our work, which in turn will detrmine the future of our beloved nation.
hope I communicated !!

What can we do

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Hi Sunkrneni,
the examples that ur showing abt malyasia, isnt that true for india as well; think abt India originated population in Java, Sumatra and u wld get the real picture. all things said, these happened when there were no strict rules of immigration. as things have changed, the point becomes irrelevant in present scenario.
coming to ur second point abt the support of Islam in Multiple marriages of a muslim - this ritual is flowing thru Muslims for ages n u cant expect them to change that over night. I personally belive that they shld abolish that, but this can only happen if they realize the need of this frm inside. essentially, we have some problem in our own thinking process. if I ask one "shld govt interfere in one's personal freedom", 'm sure cent percent people wld reply in a negative way. but the problem lies in the concept of "Personal Freedom". while Republic of China has curbed the population growth rate by making law of less than two child per family, we in India cant do that for the sake of our coveted " personal freedom". by all these I wld only point that, it's easier said than done to bring a social change over-night; this can only happen if they get to feel the urgence of this, which wld take time.
however, being arrogant on ne part wld just slow down the growth process.
FYI, debate on Common Law Practice in India is gng for long days. there r several problems in its implementation. 'cz u cant, rather I say shouldn't, expect all Hindu Laws to be applicable on them, there has to be some compromise- n it is that area which puts both the parties into uneasy situation. as a result reaching a consensus on this issue wld take time as well.

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These conversations again and again show that, we Hindus are tolerant and ignorant to the point of stupidity.

One guy says, its the RSS which is meddling with history. God only knows if he can expand the letters R-S-S.
Do you know what happened on 16th August 1946?
Do you know who rescued Jammu and its citizens from paki tribesmen during the first war with pakis way back in 1947?
Do you know who stood guard over Gandhi's residence?
Do you know who was the first person Lal Bahadur Shastri called for help when pakis declared their second war?
Do you know who the Govt of India asked to help in the basic policing activities of New Delhi then?
Do you know which is the largest voluntary organisation in the world? Not the Red cross or lion's club or rotary club, really?

First get answers for these questions. Then you may think about blaming the RSS.

Then for people who say that India is not an Hindu Nation. When Dr Ambedkar drafted the constitution, Nehru asked him to add that, India is a secular country. AMBEDKAR TOLD HIM TO GET LOST, LITERALLY. That part of India being secular, was forced into our constitution by Indira Gandhi during the emergency of the 80's through an illegal amendment.

Next is the population. Do you know, how many children Mr Tony Blair advises his voters to beget? FIVE. European nations have become panicky over their declining native population and the increasing muslim populations. As for the statistics, you simply would not find any link to the Data on Religion, in the Census of India website. I have been there, so I can say. This sham UPA Government has removed it. If there is no threat of an exploding muslim population, why should the govt keep it secretive?

Likewise a separate law for muslims. This was also done by an unconstitutional amendment by Rajiv Gandhi. He with the brute majority he got in 84 elections, allowed Muslims to have their own law. So now they can force a woman raped by her father-in-law, to divorce her husband and marry her father-in-law.

This shariah law will in the future comprise their lands also. Then nobody will be able to question them if they drag your women into their houses. They can harbour any number of terrorists or make any amount of bombs and other ammunition. The police cannot question. A kafir will not be allowed to enter. Of course they are already doing all these things without the might of this shariah.

Dont reply to this message, immediately after you read it. First look up the above said issues.

What can we do

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I forgot to add one thing about the population. Australia's Chancellor of Exchequer, I think his name is Peter Costello, has promised an incentive of 2000 dollars for all children born after June 2004.

What can we do

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dear eyetoeye
people like u who r like a frog in a well thinks well is the world. u come out of our country and see the facts going on in the world. think why all the western world is against muslim.
i hope that u have not read my para properly, let me make my point(s) clear to u

-----all INDIANS should enjoy the EQUALITY from our constitution (no need of any special law boards based onthe religion or region or cast..)
if multiple marrages harming the nation that should be same for all citizans of out country
-----most of our problems base is lack of knlowledge about the things going on in the world and its base is illitracy and its base is ECONOMY .and my request to every one is to support the developing economy. iam sending all my income to our country (except livingexpence)
i am helping my way to the economy
------iam against any foreign origin occuping the top position in our country (like most of the nations in the world do)
some people can only know the problem with these muslilms when they spend with them where they r majority at ur work place or ur street or town. i have come across of those things. its the fact that i was so moderate before knowing about these muslims

to saharanjit ji
biggest reason for malasya becoming a muslim country is multiple marrages not immigration rules

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i forgot to add imp point
i personally welcome all the religions which encourage the peaceful co-existance (unfortunately islam is not like that)which make INDIA proud for unity in diversity but we need not be too genourous which in turn absorb HINDUISM from our country

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Hey sunkerni,

Chill man !!! relax !!!

Your absolutely confused...and your mixing a whole lot of issues here.

First your all out yapping about muslims, and then you go about saying over and over again, i mean..repeatedly on how u send all your income to the country...and then you go on and talk about marriages, law, other countries dominating our country...bla bla...what are u trying to really make a point here. The debate was simple, discussions simple.

If you are sending money (which you do not fail to shout out in all your notes !!!)) great !! your fantastic sending all your money to thirupati, and to india and you just keep enuff to have a loaf of bread for yourself...your extraordinary...so chill !! We heard you.

good luck

smiley - cool

You can do a lot

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If you are from India then you, along with others, should petition your MP and ask for an open inquiry. India's disclosure legislation empowers people to demand clarifications especially on matters of common interest. Knowing India, the chances are that it will take decades before the bureaucrats can decide how, when and what to do.

In my opinion they will probably find some truth in both versions of the Taj's story: It was probably a Hindu complex with a temple, which was extensively remodelled by the Mughals to serve as a memorial to Mumtaz. This should not come as a surprise as, all over the world where Islam came to power, there is substantial evidence of Muslims taking over or destroying what did not fit their Islamic mould. This is why there are hardly any historical temples left in North India which have the scale and grandeur of the ones in Central and South India, (where Muslims came relatively late and had shorter reigns than in the North).

All this doesn't change the fact that the Taj is an Indian monument. So in the end, the official version of the story is irrelevant. smiley - biggrin

You can do a lot

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excellento !! u have put the conclusion aptly.

You can do a lot

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absolutely right armano...its an indian monument. that shud put the case to rest instead of throwing stones at each other and...making a huge religious issue of this story. A chance for people to use this as an excuse to create more violence and debate which unfortunately already exists.

we should start doing something for our nation

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hi to all
armano, well said, thats the thing, we need to act than just chating

PLEASE PLEASE all of us should try to find the soulutions to the ground problems.
we need not reserve the discussion for one monument

request to saranjit JI,armano, snowandflames and to all
plz recomend some solutions that every individual can do, which need not be big

tell us little ways we can do something to our nation that we can do parallel to this debate

in the above posts i have suggested some ways to support the country(ofcourse they r like squirrel helping SHRI RAMA and a drop in ocean). give more better solution.

for eyetoeye
cool yar, y u geting upset
first thanks for ur goodluck wishes
what u said having a loaf of bread for myself---- it shows that i am not depending on the gov, but inturn iam generating the revenue to my nation.
plz look into all the lines in all the posts, u get soution for all ur Q
There is a saying in my lang 'people who r ignoorant we can convince them, and who know everything we can convince but half minded, its impossible'
and i am not that talented that i can convince u and i know iam doing nothing wrong( bcos i hv support from many of my fri)

we should start doing something for our nation

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ur humorous sunk..get a lifesmiley - bubbly

we should start doing something for our nation

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hai to all

What can we do

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This is what happens when people can't answer questions. They try to confuse the questioner.

Mr.eye2eye, don't think you are clever by diverting attention to Mr.sunkrneni sending money to his country. Try to answer his queries.

This debate may be simple but the issue is not. It is 'cos of insensitive Hindus like you that our country is going down.

The exploding muslim population is a problem. The reality does not change jus b'cos you dont accept the facts.

Daily many thousand Bangladeshi infiltrators enter India. There number is so ever increasing that they can be traced down south in Coimbatore. Infact the apex court has described this infiltration as "external aggression".

But the sham UPA govt is on the verge of passing or amending a bill, which will simply help those infiltrators settle down nicely, grab some Indian's land, job, ration and they are even given the right to vote.

This issue was taken up many times in the parliament. An ex-governor of West Bengal has stated in a letter that, if this condition is not immediately controlled- 3 MORE PAKISTANS WILL BE CREATED IN INDIA. And of course the Lashkar-e-Toiba chief Hafiz Saeed has also said that 3 more Pakistans would be created in India.

The UPA’s latest move over-riding objections by the Union Law Ministry is to introduce a system of allocating funds for key social sector programmes on communal lines. Every attempt of the UPA to communalise the polity met with judicial reproach. Twice the Allahabad High Court, the Andhra Pradesh High Court and the Supreme Court have struck down the policy of reservation on communal lines.

Both the Christian and Muslim interests are destroying our country. You will be gone if you don't keep your eye open.

What can we do

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hai to all

eyetoeye have u seen the news in last week
A HINDU TEMPLE WAS ATTACKED in a HINDU majority INDIA AP hyd old city, where the muslim population is in extremely majority.
either gujrat roits or ayodya hindus never attacked first, its muslims who always start the prob & its fact.

ruling local gov and upa gov have never taken any step to support the minority hindus in oldcity. these hindus r beeing forced to vacate the old city from decades. there r no. of cases pending related to attacks on hindus and hindu temples.--where is EQUALITY

in turn APcongress gov tring to give reservation to muslims even by amending the laws

DHARMORAKSHATI RAKSHITHAHA --if we help in instaling DHARMA & it will help us inturn. we should always take DHARMA's side thats what LORD KRISHNA say & need not worry for the roits r bloodbathings, or any kind of concequences & ofcourse we should alternatively try for peacefulway, BUT we need not be too generous that we loose HINDUTVA from our country

b4 talking about changing gov's view , we need to make the people next to us aware of all these facts and ofcourse if he(she) is sleeping we can awake but who is pretending of sleeping (ignoring these facts)we can't awake.

any way we should not stop doing the right things for future of our nation Mr snowandflames


What can we do

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I have not diverted any attention of anyone. Sunk was howling out how much money he sends to his country over and over again, if you really look up to all his messages.

In fact its people like you who divert the attention. We are not talking about hindus, muslims or any religion. Nor are we talking about pakistanis or bangladeshis getting into the country. Snown'flames and sunkerni, please keep to the topic.

The debate was over a historical monument, taj mahal. I repeat, the debate was over a historical monument and not about the communal problems in our country. You are absolutely confused between respecting a historical monument and establishing on all the facts that you have stated. AGain, the debate is about Taj Mahal.

While i do agree over certain facts you are right on, I do not wish to discuss them here as i wud like to keep to the topic. I dont want this debate to get all heated up and howling at one another on whos the best...indians or pakistanis ? hindus or muslims ? bla bla bla...those kinda' arguments cud go on and on..and really...iam a hindu but i do not wish to participate and lead a simple debate of a historical monument to pointing fingers at other religions and countries.

AS far as iam concerned this debate is over. As many of you have agreed, Taj Mahal is a historic monument, whoever built it and whatever was done in the past. We have a right to know on the origins of Taj Mahal, but we do not need to know it simply to create more violence. We need to know, thats all, and correct the information that was established in the past.

good luck...iam outta here. And peace.smiley - bubbly

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Yeah we are talking about the beauty of the Taj at night, its great history, how it was built over decades, how it has become a symbol of love, when I suddenly put in defective hypotheses and my own imaginary fables to divert the attention of the whole forum.

Mr. eye2eye, this is a conversation forum for the Taj, but if you look more closely at the sub-topic or heading of each conversation, you can understand that I never deviated. And you should once again read the original entry for Taj by Shri Oak.

I dont want to alienate anybody especially other Hindus, but simply(I've already said this) WE Hindus have become IGNORANT TO THE POINT OF STUPIDITY.

You said you agree over certain facts, but wud not discuss them here. I wud like to hear your valuable opinions. Kindly inform me however you can.

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For people who do not want to mix religion with development. For people who do not want to stray away from the topic.

Please see these pages. And they certainly are not my work!!!


CBNNews- Europe Forsakes Christianity for Islam?

More may come.

Oops!! again

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This is the link to CBN news


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