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ladies DO pee in the woods!

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Keseral - lost...

ladies, trousers round your KNEES not your ankles. trust me on that. a nice squatting position, means that if they are around your ankles..... well. you pee on them.

and for goodness sake, you dont need toilet paper for that! good grief.smiley - smileysmiley - winkeye

ladies DO pee in the woods!

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It wasn't so much the peeing and otherwise in the woods that bothered me. Going in a ditch off the Hard Shoulder of the M1 was rather public for my liking (were stuck in 10hr traffic jam, and the services were 3hrs or 1/4 away.)

Can we get Tang in the UK? I've brought it in Eastern European countries and Portugal, but haven't seen it or an equivilentover here. It does a lotto desguise the chlorine taste of purification tablets.

PS I agree about the toilet paper. Also take care when wearing sandals!smiley - erm

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ladies DO pee in the woods!

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