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Those Lucozade sweets...

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Oh yes... Absolutely swear by them. After a couple of hours at your desk, these little chaps will give you a sugarfuelled afterburner right through to the end of the pain. Plus allegedly your brain needs glucose after it has been thinking a lot. I thought that was what Strong Continental Lager was for.

Those Lucozade sweets...

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I prefer proplus mixed with redbull.


Those Lucozade sweets...

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Got to be carful of red bull amd pro plus they both contain large quantities of caffine wich is a diartic (will make you Pee) take them by all means just ensure you emtie your bladder before the exam. you dont want to spend all the time in the toilet.

Those Lucozade sweets...

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Hi My name is Zeid Ameer born in Mauritius. I reached UK on March 28, 2008 to join my family.

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Those Lucozade sweets...

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Anna Siren- the heathen of the deep, according to iTunes...

Yeeeeessssssss... methinks the above is either:

a) a troll
b) whose English isn't too good or
c) hasn't read never mind understood what we're on about.

Returning to the topic, I advocate panicking as much as possible pre exam and then actually READING stuff when you get into it. It doesn't help to start writing before you've read half the question. Read it, take a minute to have a think, and you'll be fine.

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