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Saturn Girl ~ 1 of 42 (Borg Queen A761708) ~ Gollum's keeper + some ~ [1*7(0!+2)(0!+1)=42]

The reason bras such as size 36DD and higher are all boring? It is because they can not put fuction, and sexy together into one bra... if you're too big to stay up on your own somewhat reasonably, they can't make you a cool bra... The only exception I've found if Frederick's of Hollywood, they have some good looking bras for women who've been "blessed" with a bigger chest. (drop the "of hollywood" and the ' and add a dot com to the end and you have their site). They're based in the US (arizona specifically) so if you're across the ocean in europe you will have to pay extra for shipping, They go over the details in their help section.

Well, I'd love to also add to the "real" topic of this thread, but I've got other stuff that I need to do. (I'm visiting my cousin, and she just got back from work. It would be rude to stay on-line so we can't do anything, wouldn't it?) I promise I will be back.

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Cyberpunk Dystopias

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Emily 'Twa Bui' Ultramarine

Hmmm... I've got two nice bras - but they're both 36D, as opposed to DD. I suppose I'm just cursed; I've got no hips, so I can never buy bleeding trousers, either. smiley - sadface

Cyberpunk Dystopias

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Emily 'Twa Bui' Ultramarine

And - on the actual front of dystopias - I shelled out the seven quid and have now read Zamyatin's 'We', Manolan; rather odd, I thought, but important, I suppose - the bits in the old building are very much like those in '1984', when Julia and Winston meet above the shop.

Cyberpunk Dystopias

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Seven quid?! Wow. If I'd known, I could have sent you my copy. I think I picked it up back when paperbacks were about 70p! Boy, do I feel old. I have to confess to being somewhat hazy on the plot details (although I remember the overall story, honest), so I suppose it's just as well I still have my copy as I can re-read.

Cyberpunk Dystopias

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royalleothelion (thingite guard of the kings potty)

I'm definately joining the "George W. Bush is Really a Chimpanzee in Disguise" society.

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