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I love owls and really envy residents of the UK who can keep them as pets. (In the US, we can't keep native species as pets. Harry Potter and the rest of the wizarding world would be handed stiff fines and their birds confiscated. Stupid Muggle rules...smiley - winkeye)

Great entry!

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David B - Singing Librarian Owl

I agree that this is a fascinating entry, including lots of information I simply didn't know before. It has been brought to my attention that you neglect to mention the librarian owl, but as I may be the only specimen in the British Isles, I think you can be forgiven. smiley - biggrin

David B, Singing Librarian Owl

Great entry!

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Skankyrich [?]

Thanks guys! I shall send an immediate update to the Towers on the davidii libraria species with all due speed smiley - smiley

Owl With Pride

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Trin Tragula

Excellent stuff! smiley - bubbly

Owl With Pride

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Felonious Monk - h2g2s very own Bogeyman

This is a fantastic entry. I've always had a fascination for owls, and we have a pair of tawny owls that nest nearby to our house and wake us up at night. Not long after we moved in they were calling, and my (then) two year old was found lying in bed trying to call back to them by making owl noises!

Owl With Pride

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Skankyrich [?]

You can buy owl whistles on line, and - with practice - call tawnies in for a really good look. Great fun, especially with curious excited children about smiley - ok

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