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Tawny Owls

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and the 'tu-whit, tu-whoo' of a tawny owl are among the most obvious calls of any bird - when one gets to know them...smiley - smiley
Or not
Shouldn't that be two owls? Female goes Twit! and the male replies T-Who?

Tawny Owls

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Skankyrich [?]

Yes, but I felt it was too long-winded to explain in a snappy intro. Further on, the Entry says:

'It is responsible for the classic 'tu-whit, tu-whoo' sound of owls at night - although, in reality, it is the male that makes a long rambling 'whooo' sound while the female provides a sharp 'ke-wick' reply'

And a mention in a footnote that it isn't always that way round smiley - smiley

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