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What to do with your arms

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Kobolt - aka 'I didn't fail, I found 5000 ways that don't work'

If you are putting the moonwalk in to a popping routine then it is always a good idea to do something with your arms at the same time. You kinda look like a fool if you just have your arms hanging by your sides, trust me, I know. Personally I pass waves through mine. (this is a little difficult, some say harder than moonwalk itself. You basically move your arms in a certain way so it appears that invisible waves are going right through!) but looks very effective when used in combo with the moonwalk. It gives a total liquid effect when you bust it on the dance floor, I'll write an entry on popping and breaking later on. In the mean time, if anyone else can moonwalk, how do you use your arms?

What to do with your arms

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Never really thought about my arms - they usually serve to keep me from falling over. But then, I never really got it down to a fine art. The Thriller ghoul dance - now that's a different matter...

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