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The shouting

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Kobolt - aka 'I didn't fail, I found 5000 ways that don't work'

Hmmmmmm, great entry, but maybe you should mention that the screaming and shouting is optional or you will start to get funny looks. I certainly wouldn't want to make that kind of noise every time I did the moonwalk! It would maybe add a little more humour to the entry too smiley - smiley

The shouting

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Mont Blanc! Are you saying it's not funny enough already? Only joking - the entry's been edited already and is now pretty much out of my hands. Besides, the shouting only emphasises that, once you've perfected the move, you are in fact the funk phenomenon.

The shouting

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Kobolt - aka 'I didn't fail, I found 5000 ways that don't work'

Oh yeah, forgot about that. I do think the entry is funny though. Do you know how to do the moonwalk in other directions?

I can do moonwalk:

Normally (Backslide)
Forwards (Bicycle)
Sideways (Sideslide)
In a Circle (Circleslide)
and On the Spot

I'll give you instructions if ya want smiley - smiley

email me on [email protected]

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