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Not just now a hotel.

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Smiley Ben

It always /was/ a hotel / holiday villiage, that's what is was built for in its ecclectic pseudo-continental grandeur. It was just so amazing a sight that it turned out to be the perfect location for this off-beat series...

Not just now a hotel.

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One of the many things I like about the place is that despite the comments in the article about the size, it is possible to get away from the general melee of tourists by following the paths into the woods. The vegetation is amazing for the UK! There are also little things to look out for such as the pets cemetery hidden unsignposted in the woods.

Clough Ellis himself was apparently such an eccentric that when he saw a craftsmen on the site using a spirit level to get a window or something straight, he smashed it with comments that straight horizontals wasn't what he was aiming for.

There used to be a shop in one of the "cottages" selling Prisoner stuff on behalf of the "Six of One" Prisoner appreciation society. I didn't see it there last year, but am not really surprised - the trustees of the site have always seemed a little embarassed by the connections with the "Prisoner"

Not just now a hotel.

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Indeed, in the 60s when I met Sir Clough, he was talking about the possibility of buying fibre glass temple domes... he is succeeded by his daughter who designs the pots and whose husband was my lover for a few brief years in the seventies. Never saw the Prisoner though, but they showed the first episode last week on the scifi channel.

Not just now a hotel.

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Just zis Guy, you know? † Cyclist [A690572] :: At the 51st centile of ursine intelligence

Was Sir Clough really as, er, eccentric as he is made out?

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