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I hate to be so particular, however, I feel the need to defend a dear friend.
It is suspected that Wyoming's men granted Wyoming women the right to vote because it allowed more voters in such a sparsely populated state. I've always wondered about that though. Consider, Wyoming was also the first state to allow women to hold public office, and serve on juries. Wyoming was the first state to have a woman as Governor and the first female Justice of the Peace.
I am leary of attributing the charachteristics of todays Wyomingites to those folks who homesteaded in the states infant years. Wyoming is one hell of a hard place to live. People go there today to make money from Uranium, Oil and Coal, (and now the Methane gas biproduct). They are rarely native and rarely have any intention of persevering longer than absolutely necessary - for good reason mind you. But in the early years, I figure people were sincerely building community.
I am third generation Wyoming native and I recall the attitude my grandparents family and friends had toward women. There may well be more to this Equality state thing than some thought.

Also, I woke to the sounds of the Western Meadowlark half of my life. They are most definately thriving in Wyoming. In fact, I returned to Wyoming two years ago in early June. I knew I was home when I woke up to a brisk breeze (it had snowed), and a meadowlark song at my motel window.

I wouldn't dream of extolling what I know about the wonders of Wyoming. May they always be wonderous and may the miners give up from frost bite and depression before the state is completely plundered.

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