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Like was said, the state is mostly bleak and pretty well unexciting. But, also having lived there most of my life, I believe there is one thing that was not mentioned that needs to be. That is that every year around July and august the states population miraculously goes up by 10% for those two months. Most of this growth can be explained by the insane obsession by some ape descendants thinking it is a good idea to strap themselves to the back of a large bull and try to hold on. (Please see cross-reference to rodeo)

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Sorry to butt in on your conversation, but if
Researcher "199364"
would go back to there own page and then click on the "EDIT PAGE" button and then write a little something about your self then a ACE can come and welcome you there properly
Sorry for interrupting your conversation smiley - ok

Manda smiley - magic

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I am going to show my lack of knowledge as to how to use this page now. I have no idea what you mean about using the edit or what ACE welcoming is...please explainsmiley - smiley

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Hi Kaelann,
If you go back to your own page ( Click on the "MY SPACE" button at the top of this page )

Then at the top of your page you will see "EDIT PAGE" click on that and it will take you to another page,

If you write a little something in the box and then click on the "UPDATE" button,

that will activate your page

Then a ACE can come and welcome you and show you around

A ACE is a volenter that liks to welcome new people, and show them around and help them with any questions smiley - biggrin

hope that helps,smiley - ok

speak to you soon smiley - cheers

manda smiley - magic

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