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As someone who has spent her entire life, save for a few breif vacations else where, in the state of wyoming I'd like to add a few things.

First, while everything said is true, it remains primarily true only to turists. Not to mention that the listed attractions are just about all the state has to offer other then perhaps wild game hunting (something that doesn't really interest me) and large, bleak, depressing stretches of nothingness between them. Also you can expect a trip across the state to take you about twice as long as you planned, sense it's impossible to plan for a five hour stop in the middle of no where so that some large monstor like tractor can dig a hole in the middle of the road.

As far as living here, there is nothing worth doing here that could possibly justify spending more then a few weeks in the state, save perhaps drugs and sex (both of which would be much easier and enjoyable somewhere else) However if you've dicided that you're unhappy with the current century and wish to step back a couple centuries and still have at least a car to get around in this is the place for you.

Oh yes, I should also mention that I live in thermopolis wyoming, and when I first moved here was imediatly informed that 40% of the town was retired, and 40% was retarded. I feel somewhat safe in saying that another 40% of the population is an odd combination of the two, while only 27.2% of the population have plans of leaving for a higher education. (I think that's a pretty optomistic view of the town)

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some added notes

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