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Andy Nattan

AbFab isn't, never was, and never will be funny over in the US, or here in Britain, or is that just me?


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Someone New.... ish

Ooh... I have to disagree smiley - winkeye (just for the hell of it I suppose!)

AbFab is brilliant! But then again, I am a student, and when I feel like ditzy trash, that's the show I put on. I guess it just appeals to the blonde within...

BTW I cant remember, but does anyone else find the Re-mastered versions of RD a complete annhilation of the originals? I just got the first series as a birthday present, and it's absolutely terrible. In my opinion, the new graphics and everything just doesnt go with the feel of the intial episodes... (hates to think of going vaguely back on-topic... smiley - winkeye)

Alternate Version of Red Dwarf USA Pilot?

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Hello, I'm a big fan of the series ever since I was about 9. I remember staying up late and watching it on PBS (I'm from America and the local PBS station always plays it at around 2 in the morning) Anyways, I downloaded the Pilot off of Morpheus and Cat was male in this one, but you guys mention Terry Farrel as playing the cat. Anyways, I hated the pilot. They put all the best jokes in one episode and managed to ruin them all. I didn't like the Lister, and it all seemed kind of cheesy. It was kind of like that despair squid episode. How many episodes did they make? Was it just 2 episodes, one with a male Cat, and one with a female Cat? Oh well, it would be funny (assuming that one day the series continued) if the original Cat meets the female Cat and they both think that they are too good for each other.

The American Version of Red Dwarf

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Andy Barber

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away....I had the pleasure of seeing the 'American pilot' of Red Dwarf at a convention. It must have been around about 1992 methinks.

I was a carbon-copy of the first episode more or less..the sets were the same. I thought 'ohhh...American, big budget' and it didn't happen.

However, seeing Jane Leeves as Holly. Yes, Daphne from Fraiser played Holly, was fun.

Anyway, I thought Craig Berkio was miscast...Lister was alway meant to be slob!! Craig was quite hunky to be honest, not Lister like at all!!

The American Version of Red Dwarf

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Researcher 206839

i think you will find that 'the dispare squid episode' is actuallt called "back to reality". i think somebody needs to brush up ontheir videos.

The American Version of Red Dwarf

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Researcher 1300304

the idea that americans have trouble with sort of comedy doesn't seem quite right. the issue is attempting to adapt something that already works.

i enjoyed red dwarf a helluva lot. i also enjoyed a quirky little low budget thing called quark, which predates red dwarf by a few years and which i always felt RD had at least SOME indebtedness too.

The American Version of Red Dwarf

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I think it is worth pointing out that some remakes are better then others,most of them don,t match the orginal but some are worth watching;MAN ABOUT THE HOUSE was turned into THREE'S COMPANY,STEPTOE AND SON into SANDFORD AND SON and TILL DEATH US DO PART into ALL IN THE FAMILY all of which became very popular state side ok thats only 3 theres a list of about 20 i could name that were so bad they should never have been done.

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