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Series 8. why?

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Did anyone else fail to see how series 8 ever reached our screens? I've watched it several times waiting for the comedy to kick in or for some of the brilliant writing that made the original series so funny and there just isn't any.

All of the elements of Red Dwarf that really worked have been removed and the result is an unfunny, messy programme that likes to use special effects which aren't even as good as they should be.

Series 8. why?

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they obviously thought it would be good to bring back the ship and add new characters. But what made it funny was the original characters being stuck on a small ship.

Series 8. why?

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I had the same though around Series 5.

Series 8. why?

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Personally, I really liked Series 8. Granted, it's not as good as the classic early-90's series, but I still thought it was good in its own right. While not as hilarious as the episodes with Doug and Rob's imagination behind the wheel, they were still funny. It was particularly good to see the original Holly back! I can't really describe why I like it, but I do, and i found it funny. It's never going to be as good as the originals, but its still great.

Series 8. why?

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Beer Elf

I laughed a bit, although it did have a different feel to it, as though it was done for export, I felt that there was no need to graft Kochanski back on like that, I detected a slight hint of tokenism there..
(probably just this old feminist)

Series 8. why?

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Sparky, the reason for the presence of Kochanski in series 7 and 8 was because, with the RD movie in mind, the RD team were advised that they'd need an attractive woman in the line-up. So yes, not the best of reasons for bringing Kochanski back, and not necessarily a recipe for good comedy.

Series 8. why?

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On the official RD site they still show pictures from the film's rehersal stages. I just can't see the point of a film, cheap t.v made RD what it is (was). Now with Craig's problems splashed all over the gutter press the film looks even further away.

Series 8. why?

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Series 8 was quite good, but not as good as, say, series 6, but it was alright. I hope the film will be made soon, or at least another series, with Rimmer as a hologram, as that was when he was at his best. We can only pray that it will not be americanised in the process.smiley - biggrin

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