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Zip Zap Boing! - A Party Game

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The purpose of the party game Zip Zap Boing! is to make fellow players say the wrong thing (which ensures they're out) and to be the last person remaining.

How to Play

The game starts with a large group of people1 standing in a circle. A signal is passed around the circle. You can only take a turn when the signal has been directed at you.

If you go when you haven't received the signal, you are out, and you have to sit down. There are three moves one can make, but if you say 'zip', 'zap' or 'boing' for the wrong action you are also out! Also, you have to pass the signal as quickly as possible on to someone else without hesitation, otherwise you must sit down.


Holding the hands in a 'gun' type pose, and sweeping said gun across to point to a person immediately next to you in the circle yelling 'Zip!'.


Holding hands in the aforementioned gun pose, point to someone in the circle who is not directly next to you, while shouting 'Zap!'.


Pretend you are made of rubber or jelly, and wobble enthusiastically as you return the something back to the person who just passed it to you and cry, 'Boing!'.

Whenever someone is put out, they sit down in their place in the circle. The winner of this game is the person who is the last person standing in the circle.

1At least seven is a good number, but it can be played with four.

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