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Episode Guide?

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Has anyone ever stumbled across an episode guide for I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue?

Yes, I know, it's sad and pathetic that there are people like me who collect recordings of this show, but what can I say...

Anyway, if anyone knows of one, please let me know. In addition to posting it here, if you could email me the information at [email protected] I'd appreciate it (as this conversation seems to have been dead for months I'm not going to be checking that often).


Episode Guide?

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hello i was searching for isihac episode guides and came across your post. have you seen this one? it's the best guide i've managed to find but is incomplete and details appear to contradict announcements on bbc7 about vintage episode origins; however i have found the bbc to be pretty inaccurate about their own broadcasts on a number of occasions.
i have become a sort-of collector and i seem to care about getting the dates right etc!

Episode Guide?

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I'm also on the hunt for recorded episodes, having spent most of the 80s and 90s thinking 'Wow this is funny, I wish I could record it' for 12 Saturdays a year. Even if there were only 6 episodes a year, that's well over three hundred episodes. I've got a couple of the CDs, which are pretty poor value at twelve quid for four episodes (and 'Volume 1' is from 1993. Hopefully that means that there's a golden treasury sitting in the archives. Come on BBC, let them fly free! free! As free as the wind!!

Apart from Borders in Islington (I don't live in London, BTW - it's a long story, but I came via Lambeth North smiley - smiley the only place I've found the CDs is here:


Episode Guide?

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If you download and register "Replay Radio" you will be able to record future episodes.

Episode Guide?

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This is by far the best episode guide that I have found.

Episode Guide?

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Radio Seven, Monday, 7:00, for an archive replay of ISIHAC. For as long as I've been listening to Seven the repeats have been from comparitively recently - 1998 - 2004 - but I'm told Seven have occassionally gone back to the Willie Rushton golden days.

Get a digital radio that allows you to tape or otherwise record from live play, and you're in heaven...

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