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Dyslexia and left-handedness

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Queex Quimwrangler (Not Egon)

What I found interesting in the article is that many of the characterstics of dyslexia such as improved spatial awareness and clumsiness are also characteristics of left-handedness.

The article says that the two hemispheres are the same size in a dyslexic brain; does this imply that dyslexia is somehow between left-handedness and right-handedness?

Or is there any correlation between left-handedness and dyslexia?

Dyslexia and left-handedness

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Researcher 194303

Many dyslexic's are left handed far more than the national average when compaired with non dyslexics. This is impart to do with the brain. Generally most people's left lobe is larger than the right lobe, most left handers have larger right lobes this is again true about dyslexics who generally have larger or same size right lobe as there left. This is also why left handers and dyslexics are considered to be more visual than right handers.

Dyslexia and left-handedness

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Eccentrica Gallumbits (I'm out of my mind right now, but feel free to leave a message.)

Twice as many southpaws than right-handers are dyslexic. Also most ambidexterous people.

There is also a condition called crossed laterality. Most people's dominant hand, eye, ear, leg etc are on the same side. Crossed laterals have them all jumbled up (which is probably why we're so clumsy).

Dyslexia and left-handedness

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Queex Quimwrangler (Not Egon)

That could well be me.
If there a special term for those whose handedness changes depending on the task?

Dyslexia and left-handedness

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Well I'm right handed and have only very recently even considered that I might be dyslexic (I'm 21). It had never even crossed my mind, but now that a dyslexic friend has mentioned it it seems I show most of the primary signs of dyslexia, including having to spell check this 6 times to get it to make sense.

So it;s not exclusive, just more common in left handers and ambidextrous people. Saying that my mother is left handed and dyslexic.

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