A Conversation for Teenage Drinking

couple of suggestions

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This is a timely entry, but it's hard to believe it got through PR in its current state. A couple of suggestions:

'...give a child over five alcohol in the home.'?
Five what? Five pints? Five shots? or a child over five years old?
It's not so much wrong as just confusing.

'...Will attempt to see both sides of the debate.'
Will 'look at both sides of the debate.'?

'Binge drinking is becoming...'
I should think it would be safe to say 'has become'.

'drinking well over the recommended sensible drinking limits'
I couldn't find the 'recommended sensible drinking limits' in the entry.
I think that it should be included as part of the discussion.

'...if the parents themselves know how to drink sensibly, hovever.'
...sensibly, however.

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couple of suggestions

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"drinking over the recommended safe limits"

Hmmmm - but - these have no basis of scientific proof. The original person who came up with the 21 units male and 14 units female admitted a few months ago that he had plucked these out of thin air.

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