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Confessions of a Teenage Drinker

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I am 16 and I admit that I drink. I never drink on street corners (I live in the North of England and it's far too cold anyway) usually just at parties and social gatherings.
My mother buys me alcohol. I don't see this as a bad thing, this way, she knows herself what I am drinking. She also makes sure that I eat a large meal and drink a glass of milk before I go out so I'm not sick everywhere, mums will always be mums, even when it's about their baby getting drunk.
I don't binge, I know my limit (which isn't much, I'm a lightweight) and I never drink really cheap and nasty vodka/cider.
You're right that teenagers need to be more educated about the affects of alcohol, most of us would never dream of drinking without getting drunk smiley - erm

Confessions of a Teenage Drinker

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Taff Agent of kaos


you have posted to a conversation on a related topic

if you want to get to a wider audience try the forums like 'ask' or 'misc chat' that you can link to from the front page

i started drinking regularly around 15/16, my grandad used to take me to the RAFA club on a saturday night

half a dozen old chaps in flat caps who used to turn a blind eye to my age

your drinking habits sound quite sensible

not sure on the legal position now but it used to be

there was no legal age for drinking alcohol, just purchaseing it

at the age of 14 a youth can drink a half pint of lager or cider along with a meal. or used to

not to sure of the legalities of today

smiley - bat

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