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Santragenius V

My own first: I find this to be a very good, readable and thorough entry!

Then -- in Copenhagen, Denmark there is this society for denying the giraffe's existence.

As I understand it from what I've heard), it goes like this:

The members meet once a year outside the Copenhagen Zoo, dressed very formally. In silence they get their entry tickets and proceed to the giraffe house. Here they stand for a while until, on some given signal, they say in unison: "That's a lie!".

After that they walk back out and have the annual formal dinner (which, in Danish tradition, will be about a lot of food and a lot of drink and a generally very good time smiley - drunk).

Cool, isn't it? smiley - biggrin


Giraffe Impressions

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The Unmentionable Marauding Pillowcase

Yes! Many people have that attitude in life towards something or other!

As far as I know it was an Irishman who, long ago, upon seeing a giraffe for the first time, said: "I see it but I sure don't believe it!"

But anyways those Danes have found a rather interesting excuse for having a party.

Don't the giraffes feel a bit cold in Denmark?

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