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The Caravan of Dreams

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The "Caravan," as was it's name for those of us who were employed there, was more than just "a kind of theatre." In fact, the theatre is on the second floor and is now home to the wildly entertaining comedy troupe Four Day Weekend. During the time it was operating under the control of the Caravan, it played host to events including film festivals, plays and other stage requiring theatrical devises.
It was also known to be haunted.
The first floor was where the magic happened, but it was not so much a theatre, as it was a concert hall. As you walk in you are greeted by lovely oak bar, when viewed from above is the shape of a grand piano. (The bar is currently there today, but the Reatta restaurant is now its host.) To the left is the main floor which is flanked by slightly raised balconies and an additional satellite bar. The stage is quite large, but only raised to about knee hight. That and the max seating capacity of about 420 created an extremely personable experience where there was truly no bad seat in the house.
The Caravan of Dreams hosted hundreds of top name acts, including blues legend Buddy Guy, country stars Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks, jazz legend Herbie Hancock, rock bands Ratt and The Jerry Garcia Band, the list goes on and on. The best part of the main floor had to be the mural that depicted the roles and history of the Afrian-American in the music industry. That being said I had the privvy to see Run-DMC there in concert.
The Caravans famous rooftop grotto bar was an outstanding place to have cocktails and watch the revelers in the streets of Sundance Square. It has a great cave bar and at one time was home to one of the largest cactus solariums in the world. Many times as a bartender I would find people smoking pot, having sex, and numerous other activities, in the solarium; it was actually quite entertaining.
When the club was not in use, it was available for catering parties, weddings, receptions, etc., and often times these events were corellated to the ten room bed and breakfast, Etta's Place. Which derives its name from the woman of the Sundance Kid, Etta Place.
Etta's Place is currently operable and almost always booked. Every room features antique furniture and beds so each room is unique and has its own character.
It is also known to be haunted. More than a few guests have experienced supernatural moments there.
If you never got to experience a show at the Caravan of Dreams, that's too bad 'cause you missed out. You can, however, still revel in some of its history by dining in the Reatta, or catching a show in the Four Day Weekend theatre, or buy having a drink on the newly renovated rooftop bar.

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The Caravan of Dreams

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