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Kitchen Smells

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There are many things to be said about garlic, not the least of which is that it makes your kitchen smell wonderful.

How many times have you come in from the cold and said, "mmmmmmm... something smells good, what's for dinner?'

You've then discovered that there is a roast in the oven, an hour or so away from being done, and it's seasoned with garlic.

Other than a vegetarian, I don't know who could resist.

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Kitchen Smells

Post 2

Dr. Funk

There's a good little story about this.

A kid goes to his Italian grandmother and asks how to make a good batch of fudge brownies. "Brownies? That's easy," the grandmother says. "First, you take a few cloves of garlic, slice them up, and fry them up in some olive oil."

"Grandma," the kid says, "you don't put garlic in your brownies, do you?"

"Oh, for heaven's sake, no!" the grandmother says, "that's just to make the kitchen smell good."

Kitchen Smells

Post 3


The problem with that is that the olive oil smells absolutely horrid...

Kitchen Smells

Post 4


ive got garlic flavoured olive oil,
its very good
but not as good as sundried tomato flavour

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