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Goths and Depression

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I really am getting sick of hearing how goth and depression go together. After I got done sitting in smoke filled clubs filled with toothless old men listening to some idiot whining about how their baby left them and they gotta git drunk to wash away the bluuuuuues I went to the local goth club and if I go anywhere I go there. The music was loud, with a powerful beat, there was fog floating in the room and everywhere I looked, happy people. People in animal suits, in Tripp wear, street clothes, all black, half dressed or in vampire getup, whatever they felt like, some of them in their teens, some of them old enough to inject embalmingfluid to get out of bed. All having a good time time dancing, talking and laughing.

I have a goth business, I sell pictures and gothic jewelry. After a night of having customers come and tell me how great the stuff looks and pose with me for pictures because they like my clothes I got home-in a silver 1981 hearse, radio blasting, happy as it gets. I also drive an old ford, you guessed it, with various skulls and trappings in and on it.

There is no depression in any of that. I know there are depressed goths but the ones I know are happy people, like everyone else.

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Goths and Depression

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