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quantas hay?

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the other omylouse "multiply (1*6) by (6*1+0+3)!"

4 those uneducated non-spanish speakers that means 'how many r there?'
i got a load of biggles books (albeit in a box under my bed @ present due 2 lack of bookshelf space) & i was wonderin how many there are in total & wher i can find a complete list of em.

luv a book-worm omylouse smiley - smiley

ps- i agree, Cruise of the condor was 1 of d best! smiley - biggrin

quantas hay?

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FABT - new venture A815654 Angel spoiler page

that was a very good entry (researcher with long name)

Was that last booka bout Biggles doing homework ever finished? if so, what happened?

My favorite is Biggles Pioneer Air fighter.
Don't know why, anmd yes, Defies the Swastika reaches new lows. I love it!

I do wish someone would make a good TV adaptation of Biggles. It could run for decades.

No one ever seems to notice that Biggles and chums must be getting rather past it in the reflex department by the end of the second world war. Could Captain Johns not count?!

Love Biggles, glad to see a good entry here


quantas hay?

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FABT - new venture A815654 Angel spoiler page

I've even got a copy of Biggles the Spy in Dutch. Can't read more than every thousandth word though, being English and therefore utterly crap at languages.


quantas hay?

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Just zis Guy, you know? † Cyclist [A690572] :: At the 51st centile of ursine intelligence

I don't know if it was ever finished, but probably not.

quantas hay?

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the other omylouse "multiply (1*6) by (6*1+0+3)!"

can i jus say its nice 2 find some other peeps who like biggles & his friends. pleasure 2 meet u all (normally i jus get laffd @ 4 likin em!)
smiley - smiley

quantas hay?

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Researcher 217024

?Libros? (books) 98 (can't manage the upside down question mark at the beginning)

?Lectores? (readers) - quien sabe? (who knows?)

By the way, for the benefit of the other poster, I'm English and very far from cr*p at languages, although my French is better than my Spanish! smiley - smiley

On the subject of languages and Biggles books, they have been translated into virtually every popular language. I have editions in Dutch, German, Swedish and French. In Finnish, Biggles is translated as "Benni"!

Biggles Does Some Homework (the last, posthumous, Biggles book) was published as it was left, with some speculations as to how it might have ended, I believe. There is also "Air Ace" which had some previously uncollected stories, mainly WW1 but also a couple of Air Police stories.


quantas hay?

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the other omylouse "multiply (1*6) by (6*1+0+3)!"

There should be a list of em all on here, in chronological order please! (Tho this can be hard to sort out as I found when trying to organise mine!)

omy < cheerup>

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