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There has been no actress who has managed to flame the fire of passion in so many hearts as Garbo. She managed to whip men in to a frenzy with a look, force fierce men to their knees with a scowl and bring mirth to the most dire of hearts. Unlike her contemporary Dietrich (their careers shadowed each other - when Garbo made her comedy Ninotchka, Dietrich did a comedy - Destry Rides Again - with Jimmy Stewart), Garbo's sexuality was not overt. It was there, it was seething, tumultuous in its repressed state but it was unthreatening nonetheless.

The cinema is a sadder place without her and she is one of the few actresses to have the courage of her convictions - she retired and never returned to the screen. True, she broke the hearts of many men but she kept her word.

A Garbo season at the NFT in London is a guaranteed sell-out months in advance - out stripping other identifiable actresses - and is guaranteed to break the hearts of yet another generation of young, impressionable men.

As you can tell, Garbo is my favourite - the French even call her 'La Divine'...


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Fragilis - h2g2 Cured My Tabular Obsession

I didn't know that she is called 'La Divine!' It's a great name for her, though. She really was.

When I go back to watch silent films, very few of them retain my interest for long. I guess I'm spoiled by today's technology. But Garbo also seems to light up the screen when she is on, even if she never says a word.

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