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not only but also

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You forgot to mention her role in "Not only But also" where she kept Peter Cook awake banging on the window.

"Pewter - Pewter - you now how those bloody Swedes go on"

not only but also

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Fragilis - h2g2 Cured My Tabular Obsession

I cobbled my Filmography from several different sources and didnt' find the series listed anywhere. But I did a search online and found what you are referring to.

"Not Only... But Also" was a British comedy series from 1965-1970. The comedy team of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore had a popular comedy sketch called 'Greta-Bloody-Garbo.' This proves so popular that it was repeated in a 1990 video called 'Best of What's Left of... Not Only... But Also..."

IT looks like Garbo didn't actually appear in this sketch. But part of the humour was in taking a stately famous character like herself and portraying her as a niggling nuisance in the life of an ordinary bloke. Have I got that right, spebchob?

not only but also

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Tashalls, Muse of Flights of Fancy (Losing Weight at A858170)

Garbo was also lampooned again in Not only...But Also... in a complete sketch dedicated to her.

Peter Cook plays the ethereal "Bargo", and the sketch ends with her character on a chair which is strapped to the top of a car, holding a megaphone and shouting "I vant to be alone".

not only but also

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Looks like your name should be Fragilis the Methodical.

Cook and Moore's series could be a bit uneven but the "Pete and Dud" chats were highlights and the Garbo one particularly good.

not only but also

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Fragilis - h2g2 Cured My Tabular Obsession

You're not the first one to make that pun, spebchob. smiley - winkeye

Thanks to both you and Tashalls for the contribution to the discussion. I hope I see both of those sketches someday.

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