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Curly cravats

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Great - but what about the fact that the ends always creep out and stick you in the eye?

(If you're using them as temporary eye brow curlers)

Bloody dangerous, if you ask me!

Curly cravats

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Why would one want to curl temporary eyeborows? They're only temporary!


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The curlers are temporary - I would expect my eyebrows to last a bit longer !

Unless of course you get really really really drunk and your mates shave them off for a "laugh"!

As the good book says; "Do unto others before they do unto you!"


Post 4

The Apprentice

What... so you're suggesting that you should stick the wire bit of Twisty Ties into people's eyes if they shave your eyebrows off or something. And, anyway, does "curl" happen as much with the plastic variety?


Post 5


In the same way that those multi-coloured foam thingies can be used to make head hair curly, you can use twisty ties in your eyebrows to get that "just permed" look

Try it for yourself!

The effect is astonishing
(but be careful not to get the little metal ends poked in your eye [as per the origional posting])

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