A Conversation for Training Your Pet

Use the catflap.

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OK, not specifically mentioned, but I'm sure people want to know anyway.

Our cat, Freda, used to pretend she couldn't manage to get through the catflap, although she always seemed to manage when it was raining outside. Now, opening the door for her would only have encouraged this and leaving her to it would have lead to wanton destruction of the wallpaper until we gave in. Solution: Pick up the cat and put her through the catflap. She soon learned.

Use the catflap.

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Technoyokel (muse of poetry)

Hmm I tried this with one of our cats the other day and it just made her more scared. Her brother sometimes uses it and they've both seen the dog use it. Oh and neither of them go from the porch to outside through the second flap, though Charlie did not long after we had him- he did live outside and now won't go out at all.

Are these cats weird?

Use the catflap.

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I think it probably only works on cats that know how to use the catflap, but are just being awkward. Have you tried holding the flap open for her? The disadvantage of that is that my aunt and uncle now have one that's permanently propped open for the stupid tonkanese sisters, who still haven't worked it out at the age of 5 or so.

Use the catflap.

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Merdo the Grey, Patron Saint of fuzzy thinking

More notes from Villig: (http://www.h2g2.com/A463556)

Cat flaps are an example of how uppity humans try and evade their basic duties as cat-hosts.

All cats should arise to rid the world of this scourge.
It is our cat-given right as tamers and trainers of humans to teach out hosts to open and close doors on demand.

In any proper cat-home, the humans should open doors at any time of day or night in response to a simple auditory cue, such as Meeeew! If they are asleep (which most humans seem to be most of best part of the day, a lick on the nose should be cue enough.

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